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Our rates are calculated on a per job basis. This means that we give you a firm estimate on the work to be performed. This is great for you because you will know exactly what you are spending and there are no hidden costs. We come to our prices by several different means. It can become more costly if the tree is in a dangerous location, or if there is a visibly dangerous situation at hand.

Our prices are also decided by what type of access we have to the area of work and how difficult it will be to drag the brush to our chipper for clean-up. On the contrast, we can save you money if you are willing to clean the mess up yourself. This is called our drop and leave price. (Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer).

At Low Sierra Tree Care, we will work with your budget, as well as with your wants and needs. Contact Us today for a free estimate! (916) 300-1770.

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E-mail Us: info@lowsierratreecare.com