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To Whom It may Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Low Sierra Tree Care. I have had the privilege of working with Low Sierra Tree Care in the past on several occasions. Low Sierra Tree Care has trimmed, pruned, removed numerous trees from my property in Meadow Vista. They have always been extremely professional in every way and does excellent work. Low Sierra has the highest regard for safety on the job. They are prompt and courteous while being cautious, and getting the job done right. I would highly recommend Low Sierra Tree Care to all of my friends and colleagues.Their professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional.


Mandy Putman, R.D.A.

To Whom It may Concern:

Low Sierra Tree Care has done all trees a few times over the years, strating some time in 1994. The first job was to remove three dead pines on my hill side. There wasn't much room for error either. The largest one was leaning toward the house. The owners thought it would work perfectly to tie a rope on it and wench it over onto the road. I couldn't believe how perfectly it fell. The other two weren't so difficult. I have also, every year, had him do some seasonal pruning, mostly fruit trees. Low Sierra Tree Care has shown a definite knowledge in their field. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues.

Shannon Anderson

Since January 1993, Low Sierra Tree Care has provided us with excellent tree service. The trees on property contains several different types of Oaks. None of the trees had been trimmed or taken care of. Low Sierra Tree Care carefully inspected the trees, pointed out to us limbs that needed to be removed due to mistletoe killing branches, and limbs that were cracked and damaged. They always "Tied in" and worked in a professional manner. In June, 1999 we purchased a second home, approximately 2 ½ acres. This property was in dire need of professional tree service. On this property, there was several large Oak Trees that had very large heavy branches hanging over the house, as well as over power lines. Low Sierra Tree Care carefully inspected each tree individually and gave us his opinion of what needed to be trimmed as well as what would be the safest way to do the job. They safety trimmed the limbs hanging over the house and trimmed off dead limbs to lighten up others. They always used safety ropes, (roped back from over roof), and tied in. Low Sierra, did not damage our roof, flower beds, or any other landscaping.

We also have an enormous Pondarosa Pine. It must be at least 100 feet tall. This tree had many dead branches, as well as branches so close together it could not shed old needles. Low Sierra Tree Care did a beautiful job of lightening up, trimming dead limbs. The Ponderosa looks beautiful, the wind can blow through it and the needles can shed properly. My husband and I feel that Low Sierra Tree Care is a very responsible tree service. They never rushed through a job just to get paid. They always inspected the trees for stress cracks, used safety equipment, showed concern for the health of the tree as well as concern for your personal property. Low Sierra's staff was always very polite and answered questions. They were always professional.

Robert R Francis Linda K. Francis

To Whom it may concern: Low Sierra Tree care has worked for me twice to date. In Sept. 1997 Low Sierra Tree Care trimmed three oaks, removing ivy from one. They also trimmed a mulberry and cherry plum. They removed all brush and chipped some.
In Dec. of 12999 they returned and trimmed three more oaks and dressed up previous three Oaks. They also again trimmed the mulberries and cherry plum. They are very professional in manner and I am very satisfied with their work.

Catherine E. Kleinbach


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